Keeping in touch with users allows us to precisely tailor our products to different workflows, especially those used at hospitals and retirement homes. This ensures the consistent convenience and hygienic, technical and ergonomic quality our products. All of them are easy to use, most even intuitive – and, thanks to the premium, carefully prepared materials used, they stay that way even after decades of daily use. To make sure that happens, we use our testing facilities to determine how well the mechanism for a pedal bin performs after a million cycles.


The result: Hammerlit’s quality products are built to take a beating – which is precisely why they’re so popular.

If you find a product here that doesn’t completely meet your needs, then let’s talk about it: We can customize our products and adapt our equipment according to your wishes.



High-quality, optimized patent care procedures are the goal of every hospital, and reliable equipment is essential, particularly when it comes to working with patients. We offer the right solutions for a range of application areas, e.g. dressing carts, modular carts, medical-records carts and much more. Thanks to the broad range of configuration options and colors, every trolley can be individually designed, and the trolleys can be equipped with extras as needed.

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Hygiene is a high priority, with regular disinfection a major factor in halting the spread of multi-resistant germs. Our infection control products offer you the help you need in your everyday work.

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All patient data available anytime and anywhere - thanks to mobile workstations! Whether it’s the patient’s medical history, urgently needed lab results, or essential X-rays, our mobile workstations offer you immediate access to the information you need in order to effectively treat your patients.

Further information about Mobile Workstations

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Providing fresh linen is a daily challenge for hospitals and retirement homes - whether the task is collecting and sorting the dirty linen, transporting it or hygienically storing the clean laundry. We offer the perfect equipment for each of these tasks: laundry bags, laundry containers and service carts have long been mainstays of our product range.

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We offer a range of case carts for transporting fresh laundry, modules and sterile goods. The RG and RGA series have proven themselves in the area of transporting fresh linen. The RGAE case carts series is the right choice when conventional aluminum carts aren’t strong enough. They have delivered consistent performance in the demanding daily operations of large hospitals. Truck transport and wash systems are no problem for these case carts. For heavy loads, we recommend our RGEE cart series.

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In OP areas and in CSSDs, where hygiene and sterility are essential, easy-to-clean equipment made of high-quality stainless steel is the ideal solution. From cleaning to disinfection and sterilization, we offer a wide range of products, including instrument tables and OP stepstools.

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We offer the perfect solutions for collecting and disposing of every type of waste. Mobile waste bins, bins without lids and closed bins for various sorts of waste simplify the daily task of sorting refuse. We even have tailor-made products for sorting contaminated waste, such as puncture-proof containers. Our closed recycling bins are available in aluminum and stainless steel. Fireproof containers are also part of our product range.

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08 - TRAY SYSTEM ISO 40/60

A well thought out system is crucial for the smooth running of a tray system. From the first consultation to staff training, Hammerlit offers tried and trusted, all-round solutions. 

Further information about Tray System ISO 40/60

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Whatever your needs, we offer the ideal solution. Simply choose the system that best matches your needs: fixed or mobile, shelf sorting carts with wire-mesh or solid shelves and various types of sliding shelves for maximum storage in tight spaces, or antibacterial shelving systems for use in food cold storage.

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In the sensitive environment of cleanrooms, laboratories and pharmacies, sterile practices are vital, requiring appropriate clothing and changing rooms. Here sit-over benches are ideal; seating that complies with cleanroom standards and numbered shoe compartments allocated to individual staff members are just two of the advantages they offer. Cleanroom tables, apron and shoe storage systems, and various lockers are also part of our product range.

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