In March 1954, Curt Th. Meseke and Wilhelm Connemann founded Hammerlit GmbH. As both men were in the soap production business, they combined the established product name of the laundry detergent “Connemann’s Hammer” and that of the “Gomelit” soap factory, which Meseke brought to the table, to form the new company name.

With the invention of the patented Wickelsack® laundry transport bag in 1961, the company’s portfolio soon expanded from disinfectant products to include laundry hygiene. Hammerlit set a new hygienic standard for laundry transport at hospitals.

In subsequent years, linen hampers, ward carts and transport carts, as well as entire product platforms, followed. Our close collaboration with regional sub-contractors helped to reduce innovation cycles and ensure a high degree of manufacturing flexibility, especially since final assembly was and is done in-house.

Today Hammerlit remains an independent, shareholder-managed company, with about 100 employees and an annual turnover approx.20 million euros.


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